anonymousShutterstock"The collective power with the Web has the capability to produce an entire stranger the millionaire.

The project can be described as a social experiment: the mystery individual powering it willdocument your next season of their existence in the wedding the goal of $1 million is actually met.

There are generally 3 distinct ranges involving donating: gold ($9.99), silver ($4.99), and also bronze ($1.29). I am that stranger," says the anonymous launched in July 28 along with 1 aim -- get strangers around the World wide web to produce yet another stranger any millionaire inside 90 days.

In order to be successful in its goal, your site wants to make over $11,000 every day until its October 25th deadline.

The site doesn't state whether as well as not "donations" (not pledges) is planning to be returned if theproject fails to fulfill $1 million throughout 90 days.

"You have absolutely no idea who I am, where I am from, or how I'm going to commit your current money," says themillionaire hopefulin your website's video. Just About All that's offered in exchange is actually a photo and also custom message about among the particular site's "walls associated with fame."

Word offers just began to obtain about and also donationsare already nearing $12,000 in order to date.